Starstruck Elevation Designs

This is to talk about the different possibilities of elevating a robot. Any Ideas?

Driving onto your ally’s launcher and launching yourself onto the pole. :wink: totally safe.

Think if we can design some high power rocket thrusters that would be the most efficient way of ascending the pole :wink:

Seriously though, think of previous games where robots have had to lift themselves for inspiration :P.

What I’m thinking of doing for climbing the pole would be to claws attached to a bar which can raise and lower via a rack and pinon design.

High torque elevator lift with rubberband assist

I don’t think there’s anything against it, so i might suggest sticking something in the pole for support.

1114’s frc team used something pretty cool for a similar lifting challenge in their 2010 game. I think its pretty easy to build, but I’m not sure if the weight of the robot makes it unviable with vex parts. I’ll have to see when I start prototyping.

So I was thinking something on the lift that would go into the top of the pipe and then pull yourself up, and maybe a claw for support

I was thinking similarly as I want to put something like a nose inside the pole.


Would the claw be functional or just act as a support?

It would be like this.
download (2).jpg


I would put it extending off from th front of my base so it would grab the pole when I climb up.

I am using an arm in which I am trying to make a passive lift with.

Aw man someone already took my idea for the lifting


If you were to use a slipgear catapult to launch game pieces, what if you ratcheted to a pulley system that would pull the robot up after it had hooked into the pole? Probably too complicated of an idea, but hey all ideas are valid in brainstorming. :slight_smile:

If I had a 6 bar lift on my robot for launching stars and stuff. Would it be feasible to extend to its highest point. Latch onto the bar and then pull the robot up using the 6 bar lift.

While it may be a waste of motors/pneumatics, making a ramp would not be a bad idea if your robot is too heavy to lift itself. The rules state that the robot has to be above the field perimeter and touching the bar, so it seems like early on in the season this might work if the robots at tournaments aren’t lifting themselves up.

Could you elevate other robots like on the nbn designs