Starstruck Flipper Idea

Hey Guys…

My teams have been working on a prototype that would go underneath the stars and flip them over the fence with some sort of pneumatic systems. Is anyone else working on a similar idea or have any better ideas for scoring objects?


David Bender

If you can consistently get under the stars quickly, it’s a great idea but there’s a high chance that you might just end up pushing the stars away… I need to do some tests with how easy it is to get a flipper under a star…

The problem I have with using pneumatics is that you will not have very many shots available. To shoot a star to the far zone, I am thinking you will need 4 pistons. With only 2 reservoirs, you are only going to get about 10 shots and every shot is going to shoot lower than the last did.

You could use the pneumatics in a launcher like BNS’s ri3d reveal from last year.Mangonel#303

That was one thing that we were thinking about, it is going to be hard to do a flipper design that can flip the star at any angle because of the weird geometric shape.