Starstruck Forklift Robot Idea

I was thinking that a forklift design could be effective with the stars and blocks, because it can manage picking up both of them. Any negatives about using a forklift bot?

And once the forklift has picked up a star or block, any ideas how it would get it over the fence/wall?

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My only comment right now is to make sure your fork can’t gouge the playing field. I’ve seen a few attempts at using very thin forks or plates that try to fit under the cube, but end up digging into the field mats - ugg.

I myself am personally planning on building a forklift/catapult hybrid with a scissor lift.

Forklifts are nice because they’re very simple but can easily be optimized more efficiently than a clawbot really could. They’re simple but effective. The only problems I think you’ll ever really face with a forklift is maybe a game object falling off it.
Overall, I think forklifts will be common in Starstruck, especially in these first few months.

Thanks MetalMentor, i didnt think of that.

Ya, i agree.

I think a scissor-forklift bot would work ok, i would just need to keep the drive slower, and the scissor lift steady, so that the star/block wouldnt fall off.

The reason why people look down upon the scissor lift is that it is more tedious to build compared to its bar based counterparts. If you don’t build it just right, it will most likely fail completely.

I feel like I should post this.

Yes, scissor lifts can be a bit touchy

A scissor lift has to be somewhat weight balanced, or else there would be more pressure on one side, which would cause it to break.


Yeah this is my first scissorlift too so I’m going to be spending a lot of time during this preseason tweaking it to perfection.

Cool, good luck

Hey, any ideas on how to get the game object on the other side of the fence/wall?

Maybe tilt the forklift, so that the star or block could just slide off?

I guess you’d just have to flip the forklift and lob them over.

Like an upward motion like a catapult right?

More or less, yes.

But how do you get it up that fast?

like for the catapult motion?

Lets get on the same page here, kiko are you thinking of a fork that can go under the block or star and then catapult it?

Well, remember that I’m thinking of a forklift on a lift, so you would be tossing it from the same level as the wall. You’re not really lobbing it far field. It’s just to get it over the wall.

Ok gotchya

So first, a forklift bot will have to be more like a spatula bot. The forklift will just drop the star. Second, after the bot picks it up, it would have to have some sort of slip gear/pneumatic releasing catapult.