Starstruck Forklift Robot Idea


Remember that a in a forklift that stabs around the center of the star, the bottom sticks of the star will stop the star from being dislodged easily and a forklift that scoops underneath can mess up the tiles and makes the star unstable


There is enough room under the stars to pick them up with a forklift without damaging the floor or the star.


ya but the stars are three pronged meaning whichever way, anyway, you attempt to pick up the star, it will always be in three legs or prongs. What im saying is that it could be very hard to pick up the star with a forklift without tearing up the mat.


Its a challenge that not a lot of people could succeed at.


One of the things about the forklift is that you never need to go “under” the points of the star - simply between them is fine. Then, as you lift up, the star will naturally shift a little bit but be constrained by the other prongs of the fork. It’s been tested before and it works pretty well, and is actually not that hard at all once you have a few C channels and a star.


A simple push from a slipgear or pneumatics would be sufficient

We’re on the fence between a scissor lift with a small punch or flipper.
Or a robot with a cull on catapult and a fast linear forklift style lift for hanging and for knocking the stars off the top.

Leaning towards a scissor lift as putting a choo choo catapult on top of a scissor lift kinda doesn’t work well.


This post is about 3 years old. Please don’t resurrect old threads. Also, I believe you are looking for a cascade lift-type robot. Basically, this with prongs. @DRow, can I get a lock?


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