Starstruck game manual typo

Mr. Karthik, there’s a typo in Starstruck game manual, definition of Scored:

Please fix this. Thank you.

How’s this a typo?

“is is” instead of “it is”

“Is” is repeated twice

Oh, I missed that XD

Funny, I read it and could find the mistake. My brain just fixed it for me as I read it.

There is also a typo where the manual says there are 32 scoring pieces

I guess if you count the robots as score-able because they can hang. :\

There’s another mistake

“Note: This appendix only details changes and additions specific to VEX U.
Please make sure you refer to the VEX Robotics Competition Nothing But Net Game Manual for full game rules and descriptions”

Copy/paste error. Happens to the best of 'em, haha.

Yes, I believe there’s also a section that labels both alliance stations as “Red Alliance Station.” That made me chuckle.

I’m quite starstruck that the committee made these errors.

Only one robot on each alliance is able to hang. So, 24 game pieces + 2 hanging robots = 26

Yea this doc is riddled with typos. In G1 it says

Can we plz change that thx.

Also on Page 4, there are two red alliance stations.

It says “Thirty-two stars and cubes”. Definitely a typo :stuck_out_tongue:

haha i never noticed these until you guys pointed them out

Oh there is a mistake where it says “zeor AP” i forgot where just thought it was good

I dont see anything wrong the G1 that was listed above?