Starstruck Hanging Bar

For the new 2016-2017 competition on the subject of hanging, are you allowed to attach a piece into the top of the hanging bar. As if you were to build a hook and connect to the open portion on the bar as a point of contact to pull your robot up the bar?

-Patapsco Punishers 6274X

Everyone so far has agreed that it would be allowed. but idk about an official ruling

Okay because we haven’t found it in the game manual so far, but we just wanted to try and clarify it before we wanted to try and start anything. Thank-you for responding to our question, it definitely did help.

-Patapsco Punishers 6274

Are you saying you would attach a piece to the hanging pipe and then at the end of the match you would bring your bot over and attach to it and hang from that piece? I would not think that would be legal. The pipe is hollow; so you could have a piece on your bot that would hook over the edge.
You can not modify the playing field. Can you? I’ve never seen that allow in the last 4 years. You play the field given to you. I could be wrong.

I believe that’s what he/she had in mind, not altering the field.

OOps. My bad. I thought he meant make a separate piece NOT attached to his bot, and put that into the top of the pipe and then go and attach to that.

I would Imagine they would allow us to do so, otherwise hanging would definitely be more difficult

Yes. My making a attachment that is connected on the robot that when we wanted to hang would extend up to the top of the bar and will hook onto the inside because of it being hallow and open. But we do not know if that would be considered the altering of the field.

It shouldn’t be. The manual only state’s things that are illegal rather than everything that is legal. There isn’t a place where this is stated as illegal.