Starstruck Hanging Ideas

Any ideas for the new hanging in starstruck?

There are tons of ideas out there, lifts like a 6 or 4 bar, a scissor lift, or just rack and pinions, if you look around on other threads you can find them hidden in them.

I’m just trying to get a thread to organize it all

I understand.

I’m planning on having an rd4b then bending a flattened piece of 5 bar around the hanging pole. Then you put grip pad inside the 5 bar and attach the sides onto the bot, then you just need to make sure that the 5 bar can go higher then the pole via the lift, lift the “cup” down over the pole and then you just need to pull the bottom half of the robot up because if you have an rd4b gravity is trying to push the top half down and since the top half is connected to the bottom half by gears it will make it a lot easier to lift the bottom half up.

Will the pole be hollow?

Yes the pole is hollow.

What about a continuous lift? Lots of torque and could be multipurpose.

I was thinking of using a forklift as a sort of hook to put in the climbing pole and attaching a scissor lift to it with lots of torque.

Are you allowed to use the inside of the pole to latch on to and hang?

we are probably going to make a rd4b with an adaption on the skyrise grabber that was used to take skyrise pieces. like a cone shape that is inserted into the top of the pole then the lift is compressed to raise it up.

I’d still like to see someone make a batman grappling hook launcher

I want to make a six-bar lift, with a rotating hook on a motor that can grasp the inside of the hanging pole, as well as act as a mechanism to remove stars from the fence, and act as a lock for our intake at the beginning of a match.

I think a rack and pinion design with maybe a cylinder shaped piece of metal to in the hollow pole for support is the way to go