Starstruck, Help!!, Catapults

We are a new team and wondering about building a catapult and how that would work, most efficient, etc. We were also wondering if pneumatic’s would work for a catapult and if so how? Finally, we would like any suggestions that you have like don’t use a catapult.

Please Help.

You can use pneumatics for a catapult but I wouldn’t recommend it because you will be restricted to the amount of air in your cylinders, which probably won’t last a whole game.

Pneumatics aren’t really strong enough to do a catapult this year, it’d run out of air way too soon, especially with the back-and-forth game this year. Elastics would be the best option.

There are already many threads about catapults that you can find with a single search.
There are many ways of building a catapult and such popular ways can be through a slip gear or “Choo choo”. The force done to launch the catapult is via rubber bands or latex tubing.
Check out these links:

And these videos:

We used a interrupted gear system on our robot last year and this year and its working pretty good. The limit is probable 5 64 rubber-bands on each side.

I wouldn’t do a catapult for the first year of Vex; I would just do something simple like a dump because there are other things like programming to worry about.