Starstruck Ideas

Hello people, I just got a VEX Forums account and is looking forward having a great 2016-17 season. I am just wondering if you guys have any ideas for a catapult robot. Please comment if you have some and is willing to share, thanks.

A slip gear or a pneumatic powered catapult. @9594M

A catapult is not ideal for this game to due the fact that the objects are big and heavy. I would go with a dumper instead.

Simply not true. Just keep your number of motors, arm length, gear ratio, and number of objects per shot balanced and you will be just fine.

Check out some of the catapult threads on this forum. Here is one of them. Use the search function to find more that I don’t feel like finding right now. Look out for the robot in 3 day (ri3d) reveal and the catapult-dumper hybrid from Singapore.

Thanks, this really helped me :slight_smile:

We use an interrupted gear on our catapult.

What’s an interrupted gear?

its slip gear i think

I tried looking it up, but there isn’t much that I could find immediately.

The best way i can describe it is its a gear with rows of teeth missing or sides are chopped off

Sorry for the low definition.
Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 10.06.26 PM.jpg

Ah yes.
Typically the vex community calls those slip gears.
In fact, most of the teams in my club use them as well.

Hey, all,

I am just going to talk about how easy the programming is for this year. Any ideas of anything I can program for adding to the robot, displaying battery power, fire power, etc… And yes, I am doing online challenges.

You can add position tracking, better autonomouses (autonomi?) with hanging, knocking the stars off the fence, do programming skills, PID for your drive, etc.

EDIT: What makes you think programming this year so much easier than other years?

@puzzler7 I am only a sophomore. I am comparing this to last year, where a lot of code was needed. In this year, I was able to program a well-off functioning robot in under 100 lines.

@puzzler7 This is excluding the autonomous.

If you want to display things on your robot, you can use the LCD screen to display various items such as battery power. Here is a link to the LCD screen:

We have one, but I will program a battery or fire power on the LCD screen. Thank you!

The main thing that people use the LCD for is to load multiple programs on, which they can then select before the match starts using the buttons on the LCD