Starstruck intake design help

This is first year doing the 18" robots and I need some ideas for a star and cube intake for my 2 motor robot. Dose anyone have any suggestions?

May want to elaborate a little bit more. 2 motor robot?
Possible ideas for star and cube manipulation/intake include:
-Pronged Scoop
-Side Rollers
The best way to then decide which one is the ideal intake for your system is to prototype. Work out the kinks, the specifics in measurements, dimensions, and parts. Not only does this give you practice building, it allows you to produce a robot that has systems that integrate well with each other.

My first suggestion would be to get more motors.

This can honestly be applied to every part of your robot. Make a robot where everything complements each other. Now for the criticism. Even though Griffin has mentioned pretty much every current way to intake, you could have figured out these ways by doing some research on the Forum. Don’t post without searching first.

Thank you for the help.