Starstruck Intake Ideas

So i see a lot of posts about launchers and lifts, but my question is, how are we going to intake the stars? The awkward shape is going to make the Magic intake less effective, and we obviously need something cooler then the vex standard “claw bot” claw, so what are you guys thinking for intakes?

Scoop. Maybe a giant custom flap intake.
Attached, I have some of the designs I have thought of, but I may just be going with a scoop.

first is a top view
second is a side view
third is a top view

My biggest problem with scoops is the one-star per intake thing. Unless you throw enough motors into it, I feel that the scoop intake might not be fast enough to get all the stars you need.

This is definitely one of the important designs and I don’t think any brainstorming process will be complete without testing a scoop, but I personally don’t feel like this is the “perfect” design everybody’s looking for.

I’ll check back with you once I’ve built my prototypes :stuck_out_tongue:

I have felt the same way since the reveal of the new game, but every non scoop manipulator I can think of doesn’t seem as quick as a simple scoop. Of cores, I also believe that a simple scoop will not be very effective or efficient when getting into the end of the year. I am just hoping more manipulator ideas will come to mind when I get the new game objects.

I feel like the best intake is a fork with some kind of hooks/aligners on it