Starstruck lifting the Cubes

What are some ideas for lifting and shooting the big cube?

I’m not planning on doing this but you could create a slightly reinforced lexan sheet that went under the cubes and then you could have a release mechanism via pneumatics or motors to launch it.

That would work, but do you have any ideas on how to do the cubes and the stars?

Our team doesn’t have the game objects right now, but I would think that the lexan idea would work for both. You would probably just have to push it against the wall or something.

What if you made moving arms that could push the cube onto the sheet?
Do you think that would work?

Our team found out a pretty cool idea. Not going to go into specifics because I want to keep the robot secret as long as possible. lol but a 2 part “catapult” (catapult is probably the worst word to use for the idea in our heads) that can pick up both Stars and Cubes.

@Emancipators I think I might have the same idea as you… Great minds think alike obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

As a general idea, I think one thing a lot of teams might be forgetting without actual game objects is how much force 0.6 lbs can exert if it’s on the long end of a lever. A lot of lever-like designs might require a whole lot of motors just to intake or shoot, and so this might be where pneumatics would come into play, for only a few, high-powered launches.

Forklift (Two prongs that could launch w/ either pneumatics or a catapult). Direct intake to catapult seems like the best way to be able to launch both game objects as of now.

Yes, this is the challenge of the game, without going up to a wall to collect the objects, since the objects are irregularly shaped

I’m basically going to build one of the robots that was in the toss up reveal, but with a few secret modifications.


we just got our cubes/stars today during 8th period yayayayay they are pillows worthy of being slept on/ they don’t weigh much

1.68 lbs ±15% to be exact

@Tylennis slept on ours right when I brought them in to school haha

I think that we will be using some sort of side roller for picking up cubes…

We recently received our field element set and had been toying with the idea of a forklift. It works with a star by lifting it by two of it’s points (or prongs, or whatever the are called). We have also tested if it would work with the cube, and a sheet of flat metal would slide under and effectively pick the cube up. This could also work as a launcher because you could have your pronged forklift attached directly to a slip gear catapult.