Starstruck object limit

how many game objects can you hold at a time?

It doesn’t specify

I’m wondering the same thing, hopefully there isn’t a limit

Just however many your robot can actually hold. Remember, they’re not very small.

The official rules are out. Check in those.

It does not specify in the rules about the limit to the amount of scoring objects but keep in mind like it has been mentioned above, the stars are not small.

It would be hard, but a robot that waits until the last 10 seconds, than scores a bunch of triangles would be great

Shhhhhhhh dont give away my plan

Hmm how well do they stack on top of each other…then just wait til last few seconds and dumb them over they are bound to bounce around alot and if you can keep it as a stack the team will basically have to try and descore those and might end up knocking it over to score you points.

They don’t, they have small slots to fit onto the fence.

At least they won’t in a competition scenario unless you go slow and use a claw to stack them which is a terrible strategy since this game will be very fast paced.

well there goes that plan…

There’s still a dump truck style, just make a LONG forklift prongs, although it would be hard to “dump” if the wall is higher than 14"… Maybe linear puncher?

I was think like the skyrise scissor lift idea and just make prongs that pick up the stars

I think they decided that a limit for the number of stars to have on a robot was unnecessary because they are so big that it would be hard to hold too many at once.

I think I could counter the “store them up” strategy by knocking them off the robot. The rules say you can’t touch the opposing tiles - they say nothing (as far as I can tell) about going past the plane of the fence. So I just reach over and knock them off leaving you will little time to pick them all up and chuck them over to my side.

Linear punches will be

  1. too slow
  2. not able to punch the cube far enough
  3. not easy to get exactly lined up, there’s only one way I know to do that, with a forklift

they havent specified yet and i dont think they will because the stars are bigger and more oddly shaped than previous years, so having more than one or two is a accomplishment in itself. but i think if a intake that could hold more than one and launch more than one would be a next level design to have very soon in the year in my opinion