Starstruck Robot Virtual Worlds Online Challenge

Hello teams!
I am thinking ahead of time about posting a score for the Robot Virtual Worlds Competition on robotevents. The competition is currently open for submissions and will be until May 10th. I am already registered for the competition on CS2N. But, when I am finished with the one minute of programming skills, instead of letting me log in it gives me the image pasted here. There is also no option for me to log in to CS2N when I first load the Starstruck Virtual World. Does anyone know how I can submit my scores for the online challenge?
Thank you!

Great question. If you look on the Robomatter contest site, you’ll see a note that says:
NOTE: CS2N Scoring is not yet available. Feel free to practice using the “in-classroom” version until Scoring is enabled!”

I have confirmed they will be enabling this shortly, within a few days, so keep checking back. Thanks.

Submission is now available on the CS2N site. Please see the challenge page for official rules, terms and conditions. Good luck!