StarStruck Satisfaction Strawpolls Galore

Thought I’d put up a few polls to see how people felt about the StarStruck Season:

  1. How much FUN did you have?link text

  2. How much do you think you LEARNED?link text

  3. Do you feel that Starstruck was challenging (engineering and design wise)?link text

  4. Do you feel like Starstruck was strategically engaging?link text

  5. How do you feel about autonomous pts used for rankings?link text

Dealing with Notebook situation:
6. What kind of notebook did you use?link text

  1. What kind of notebook are you going to use next year?link text

  2. Did you have any issues with judges ignoring your note book (please respond)?link text

In the Zone ratings (so far).
9. Does this game look like it will be fun and challenging?link text

  1. Does this game look like it will be better or worse than StarStruck?link text

Personally I did not find starstruck to be very challenging strategically however the multiple scoring strategies were fun. I think my team learned a lot (we ended up reaching the limits of our robot pretty early in the season, and as result we learned a lot about circuit breakers). I personally had some issues with my notebook not being considered because handwritten portion “was too messy”. This game looks like it will top starstruck on my favorites list.

P.S. if any link are broken/ I put up a double link tell me so I can fix it.