Starstruck Scene File

Over the years (and I mean years) I’ve been asked countless times for a copy of my scene file used to create the various field redners. I’ve always basically said no for one reason or another. IDK, maybe I felt attached to it, maybe I worried that posting it would negatively affect the online challenges, maybe I just felt like it was mine. Either way that changes today.

Here it is.

I should note two things.
A. Note the license I’ve posted this under. it is specifically non-commercial and attributed. IE don’t make money off of it and you had better credit me in some way if you use it.
B. It’s completely as-is. You will likely need to relink some textures and turn on the layers UI to get anything useful out of it. Please don’t inundate me with super highly specific questions regarding this. I’ve already given you the scene, if you can’t make it into what you want / need that’s your problem.

What’s the motivation? Ummhmhm, I really don’t know. Just kind of feels right. I think this community will do more with this than I can, trapping things in boxes / behind paywalls / etc, always limits potential.

Reasonable questions / comments / concerns / grievances below.


This is awesome, thank you!