Starstruck Skills Loading


This is from Appendix B of the Game Manual for Starstruck

“Skills Loads – The three (3) Stars and two (2) Cubes that Student Drive Team Members may load onto the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile or into their Robot at any point during a Skills Match.”

Does this mean that I can load skills loads into the robot regardless of its position on the field?

No. In Appendix B, it also says, “Please note that all definitions from “The Game” section of the manual apply to the Robot Skills Challenge, unless otherwise specified.”

<SG4> Driver Control Loads must be either gently placed on a Robot of your own
color touching the Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile or gently entered into the Alliance Station
Alliance Starting Tile, by a Student Drive Team Member.

Although this talks about Driver Control Loads, Skills Loads are essentially the Skills version of Driver Control Loads. It doesn’t say directly that Skills Loads must be loaded with the robot touching the Starting Tile, but I believe that was their intent.