Starstruck Strategy

What do you guys think about the way to do things. For scoring objects

Score them

I think my team’s strategy will come down to what we find to be possible in prototyping and testing.

Can you screenshot that website, im blocked from it, on a school comp.

Some kind of delivery system that will place the stars onto C-Channels that stretch across our launching platform will allow for our intake. Probably low-hanging prongs.

My team’s strategy currently is to aim the stars and cubes to the corner with the climbing pole to make it difficult for pushbots to get the stars out of the corner and provide frustration for our opponents who are attempting to get the hanging bonus. This could also create a pile making it difficult for certain intakes to pick up the stars.

ooooohhh, I like that idea. Do stars & cubes still count for points if they aren’t touching the ground?

Yes, just checked. It’s under “Scored” in “Game Definitions” if you want verification.

I was also thinking the same thing!

This is a very smart idea

Is there a rule against interference when an opposing robot is attempting to hang?

It’d be difficult, considering that the robot is ~6ft away. No rule against it, though. Also, no rule against pinning.

Watch out hanging bots, you’ll be seein stars

Shooting stars in auto to block hanging autos will definitely be a thing since winning auto is a big help in eliminations and in qualifications.

What about shooting cubes? I think the extra weight will pose more of a problem for a hanging robot than a star, although collecting it might be difficult.

3 sars = 1 cube in weight,

Well, yeah, that’s true, but your 3 stars won’t all hit the opponent’s hanging robot. A cube will if you hit the robot at all, and impart its energy into the robot, rather than bouncing off the robot or another star.

Oh, misinterprated the post, my mistake.

I guess hanging in autonomous would give u 12 points and the bonus, but I believe if u come down u lose the 12 points. I’m not positive but I believe that the robot has to be hanging at the end of the match to get the points for the hang. Kind of like how in Nothing But Net the robot had to be lifted when the match ended for it to count.

Yes that is correct

Yes, if you hang in auton and win, then you get the four points, but if you come down you lose the 12. What I am still wondering is if you come down after auton, which robot can go up during the driver control portion of the match.