starstruck then and now

ok so i want to know what everybody thought about this game from the beginning of the season till now

At the start of the year it was by miles better than NBN. And it still is better.

In the beginning of the season, I though it was going to be really fun and as good as Skyrise and NBN. Now I think it is kind of boring. I want something that requires more precision.

Scary then, scary now. Cant find a mechanism that wants to work! :c

So I guess you’ve mastered how to high hang in autonomous?

Oh no! Not even close to that. What I mean was that I want the main part of the game to require more accuracy like NBN. I didn’t intend for my post to come off as aggressive. Sorry if it did.

If you spend a quarter of your time hanging and unhanging yourself for 4 points (15 seconds of autonomous, plus 15 of driver control to un-hang), you are asking to loose imho.


If it takes you 15 seconds to hang you’re asking to lose regardless of whether you do it in auto or not.

If you are going to hang in autonomous reliably, then you are probably not going to be doing much else so you don’t get misaligned. Even if you manage to score a few points, you are going to spend majority of the time hanging (even if you don’t need 10-15 seconds to high hang).
It probably does not take 15 seconds to unhang, so I was a little bit off there. However it probably takes between 5-10 seconds to unhang, which is still a lot of time to waste for only 4 points (which are actually worth less than a cube, as a cube is worth -4 for the other team plus 4 for yourself).

Perhaps, but it’s not about losing or winning: it’s about strutting your stuff.

so true lol, my second tournament we lost all but one match (24/25 in qualifying) after getting paired with pushbots 5/6 times :cry:

Luckily someone from our school saw us as a strong third alliance member and our alliance took third.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you can score more points in autonomous if you focus on scoring rather than hanging and I’ve done the strategic analysis on many different scenarios. If you put 4 stars and a cube over in auto you can score 12 points and descore 12 points making it a 24 point swing instead of hanging and let’s say scoring 2 stars which would be a 20 point swing.

While I agree that showing off is nice, so is winning games. I’d save hanging in auto for auto skills.

I think this year’s game is definitely different from the past ones. I’ve competed for 5 years (since Sack Attack). The swing score this year changes the game a lot. It’s the first game I’ve competed in with a swing score (although Gateway or Clean Sweep I think might have had one?) It is also a VERY low scoring game, resulting in a lot more ties. I like trying the different shaped scoring objects- stars. This game is also different because once you fall behind, it is hard to catch up. If your side of the fence becomes very cluttered, it slows down your scoring and makes it harder for a comeback. Nonetheless, it makes unexpected comebacks just that much more exciting.

In the beginning of the season, I hadn’t even considered pushing stars under the fence. Now it’s it’s the most annoying thing in this year’s game. I enjoy complicated mechanisms in robots, like Skyrise, and it feels awful when a push bot gets first in qualifiers.

@jwwood13 agrees with this man.

8452B had an auto high hang earlier this season. I’m honestly sorry to say that no really cared; there was more crowd hype when someone got the cube over in auto.

It’s because that bot was so unassuming, and the hang was kind of slow. Basically, I don’t think most people noticed. Now if a robot with a full lift does it, it looks a lot cooler. Just my thoughts on that.

I totally agree, it’s just that they spent the better part of 3 months getting that to work, and they had it completely consistent, for both sides. Meanwhile, I spent around a week getting a quasi-reliable cube autonomous.

One of these was far more effective. One of these was far more hype.
I’m sure you can guess which is which.

Liked NBN more. Still like NBN more. :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, starstruck is fun, but nbn has more action/points/thrill

I thought I would hate this game at the beginning of the season, but it has grown on me, maybe because the team is doing really well. Also, hanging in auto is useful when your alliance partner gets the cube. I like the inaccuracy, because it makes programming much more consistent and not required (we never got our flywheel to work well in NbN, which made base-camping painful).

The recent games have been strategically uninteresting compared to toss up.

I started NBN late in the season (I didn’t even hear about VEX until November of 2015, and I went to Worlds in April), but I’ve seen enough at the local, state, and world level to say that Starstruck is much more exciting and more permissive than NBN. At NBN, I pretty much saw the same design all around: a frame on wheels holding a fast-spinning flywheel and a multi-ball intake. There was the high elevation here and there, but the underlying design was pretty much common. Starstruck, I’m not seeing as much design convergence (not to say there isn’t design convergence in Starstruck) as there was in NBN. There’s still a bunch of viable ways people go about handling cubes and stars (standoff scoops, claws, catapults, and to a lesser extent, pushbots). At this point in NBN season, everyone pretty much had the same thing: a flywheel.

I thought Starstruck would be more discouraging to newcomer teams than NBN, but I’ve seen just the opposite here in my region.