Starstruck Virtual Worlds Help

I am very excited that you have the potential to submit a score for the Robot Virtual Worlds VEX Starstruck Online Challenge now. But, I am having some trouble submitting. On the CS2N website (, I have officially registered for the competition after getting an account and step one is complete. For step two, it says that you have to submit your score from within the game. In other virtual worlds, there is this option. For example, in the curriculum companion when you open up the virtual world the first thing that comes up is the option to log in to CS2N. But for the Starstruck Virtual World, it takes me straight to selecting my robot without any option to log in. After the programming skills mode is over, the option is still not there. Instead, it displays to me, “Game Over. You scored _____ points. Login to submit” (The blank is there because the point value can change). How do you login to CS2N from the Starstruck Virtual World? Could it have anything to do with the current version of RobotC I am running (4.54)? Thank you!

Thanks for the detailed description. This is likely an issue with the Starstruck Virtual World software - when the competition opened on the robotc site, they provided an update to the software that allowed participants to log in. Please go to to get the update, and let us know if that solves your issue.