Starstruck Worlds Middle School Skills qualification

As of today, we are the Top Ranked US Middle School team in the ‘World Skills Standings’.

Basing my question on this document…

Specifically this section…

Skills Challenge scores for all official qualifying events will be included in the VEX Robotics
Competition World Skills Rankings on The overall top 50 Robot Skills
rankings listed in the World Skills Rankings on, as of March 13, 2017, will
earn spots for 2017 VEX Worlds.

For the “overall top 50 Robot Skils rankings will earn spots for worlds” statement, is this the top 50 in High School and Middle School combined?
Or the Top 50 High Schools earn a spot and the Top 50 Middle Schools earn a spot?

Team 23310B Starbots
Randy Clark

Thanks for the question. The World Skills Rankings include both VRC HS and VRC MS teams. The top 50 teams on this combined list would earn an invitation to VEX Worlds (regardless of grade level). Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Congratulations on a great season so far, and good luck!