Can you high hang in autonomous?


@Mystical Pie what rule states that? I can’t find it anywhere.

It’s not in the manual, thus, it’s not illegal.

I’m guessing that at some point they will say you can’t hang in autonomous just like this year in NBN originally it was legal to elevate in autonomous and was later changed.

Elevating in autonomous wasn’t illegal if you could lift without exceeding 18" vertically. I don’t think anyone ever tried to do that, however.

Here is one of Green Eggs amazing robots and in this video it shows them doing a high hang in their competitions for Toss Up during autonomous, so its something that has been legal before in competitions simlar to this one

You can high hang in auto, but there is no point, the scores will be added at the end of the game, also high hanging is only for the end of the game

It will help you win the autonomous bonus which is still useful, but it wont count on the final score unless you stay there all match or climb back up.