Start a team

so with all of the excitement of this year competition i have really been toying with the idea of starting a team. a small them me and a couple friends like 1-3 more people. what i need to know is basically everything.

When will new the game be released next year (vaguely)?
When will registration start?
What is my best bet for sponsors? (how should i go about getting sponsors?)
Can i choose any event to enter in?
How long is the build season?
As for sponsors i was expecting $2000-$3000ish in total sponsors to cover parts and maybe some registration/ travel (if applicable). is this crazy (high or low)?

i have been on FRC teams before and i get the basic idea of a team and how it runs. i have never been the guy who worries about registration and sponsors and all that. feel free to give any tips you have.



Doesn’t much matter, so long as you register the team before you sign up for your first tournament/

Parents and team members chip in; then you ask many small businesses for $50 apiece. Don’t forget to ask banks (their charters sometimes require community philanthropy). Don’t forget to connect with local politicians - You will make give them good photo ops and speaking opportunities, and they know where the local money hides.


From the game announcement date until approx 2 minutes before the final match of the World Championship finals. :slight_smile:

You can get by on less than $1500 plus travel.

Go for it!


does anybody use just one big sponsor? if so how do you obtains said sponsor?

It is possible to get a single sponsor. Ask a local buisness to sponsor you, tell them that you will put their logo on your bot and on the back of your shirts. It might take awhile, but you should be able to land one eventually.

Yes you can get one big sponsor. My company sponsors teams 81,82,89 and 1640. But its an issue for the team. If you have one big sponsor giving everything and they need to cut back or business becomes so bad they stop you are in a hard place trying to replace them.

On the other hand if you have 50 sponsors at $50 each when a few can’t donate, then it’s easier to replace them.

Save some of your dollars to start up next years activities. Save at least $200 in parts money and the fees for two events. That way you have money to start next years events.

If you are a team in Chester, Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery county in PA or in New Castle County in Delaware, contact me about starting teams up in your area. can help with some of the funding.

Some teams use zero sponsors.

6 team members
$20/month in dues.

6 x 12 x $20 = $1280 = You have a 1st year team, second year you have a decent pile of parts, 3rd year you are sittin pretty.

Getting sponsors is great for many reasons. Mowing 12 lawns this summer at $20 per lawn is perhaps even better, for many reasons. Maybe you do both?

Don’t get hung up on the sponsorship topic, unless it is your only option. In this regard, VRC rules-of-thumb are very different from FRC’s.