Start bar(I dont know what to calls this)

Ya know the START bar color which is usually blue, does anyone who know how you could change it.

No I do not. But I have a guess, I think you do something to it in the Windows Registry.

P.S. Does anyone know how to get a Windows XP theme on Vista? Vista has “Vista Classic” (a windows 98 theme, but no XP theme).

you could probably download it somewhere, try the windows live download area, thats where all the gadgets are, they must have some styles and templates

To change the taskbar color, right click on your desktop and click “Properties”. Go to the “appearance” tab, and set the “Windows and buttons” option to “Windows XP style” and select your color from the “Color scheme” list below. There’s only 3 default colors to choose from, but you might be able to find and download more.

thats for XP only, it wont work on Vista

No I want a more wide verity like orange or something.

I don’t see any of that. The only things you can do with it is make the menus for it classic, make it appear when you put the mouse over it, or make it not show up all together.

This is the biggest thing that I hate about Vista (aside from the ammount it takes up – 15GBs) is that you cannot get it to look like XP!!!:mad:

i like the new look anyways though

I like the darker look too. It was hard to figure out at first but I like it a whole lot more than the previous Windows systems.

Dude, the transparency takes tons of system resources!!