Start it with VEX IQ

I’m wondering what could be good starter kits when you’re just new to programming. I saw this post featuring VEX Robotics. Found VEX IQ here that lead me to the main site of VEX and learned a lot more from there. Anyone here that can list down some good starter kits that I can take a look at and try?


It’s hard to beat the VEX IQ super kit as a place to get started. The super kit, and the foundation add-on kit, offers a large discount over individual parts, and of course you can always add on more parts.


Oh yeah! So I’ll just continue with VEX IQ then and just explore with its add-ons.


That is a great way to start. Some initial add-ons that would be good (in my opinion) would be two more motors, and a chain and sprocket kit. Also, a second battery can be very helpful if you plan on doing VEX IQ for more than 15-30 minutes at a time (the life of one battery on a full charge depends on your robot and how well you take care of the battery).