Starting a Match

Is it true that your robot has to be starting against the wall?

This is Vex EDR not Vex IQ

it must be in the starting position but in years past i know that you wernt alowed to touch the wall .

but in vrc this year you must be on your side of the autonomous line and touching the wall but i do not believe there were any more specifications

And read <SG1>

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So it does have to be?


Preload – The Cube, one (1) per Robot, that must be placed on the field such it satisfies the conditions in
prior to the start of the Match.

that sg1?

No, that’s the definition of “Preload”, which references <SG1> but is not the rule itself.

Rule <SG1> can be found at the top of the section headed “Specific Game Rules”, and is quoted below:

Your original question is answered by criterion 1.


ah @holbrook that makes science