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This is the first year that we are doing VEX EDR and there is a lot of stuff to buy - kit, game field, game elements etc. We were wondering if anyone in the forum (for whatever reason) had a field they no longer needed or VEX kit they have used but arent using or any other VEX parts you have and are willing to sell it to us. If you are interested in this please PM me. Thanks,

I’m afraid you probably are not going to have much luck finding anyone giving away/selling parts here. Most teams like to have a large and varied stock of parts as games vary so much. However I’m sure the folks here would be happy to help you put together an order of essential vex parts for this season if you would like (myself included).

@Sporeray Yes, it would be really helpful if you could show me (from your experience) all the parts that are necessary and those that aren’t used very often. Thanks for helping,

@Atlantis and @Sporeray:

This year, there is someone who is selling parts at a discount on the forum:

@TriDragon has shut down their three VRC teams, and is selling most of their inventory at half price.

Here is the link, including a spreadsheet of the parts they have for sale.

I have found a lot of threads on the forum that discuss this. Opinions and experience can vary, however, so more suggestions are always welcome.

Here are the threads I found from the past 6 months, listed roughly in order of how helpful I found them:

What parts are always good to buy, no matter what?” (includes a spreadsheet in this post)

“A Good Starter Kit”

Starting A New Team and Don’t Know What To Buy?” (includes a spreadsheet in the first post)

List of products/items to purchase?

What parts should I not buy?

New middle school club

P.S. I may also be able to provide some suggestions of my own.

@B-Kinney thanks so much, the link to TriDragon’s post is exactly what we meant, hopefully, they’ll get in contact soon. Also thanks for the links to the recommended parts to buy. We’ll probably base what we buy on these and please do reply with your own suggestions. Thanks,

Though I would highly encourage using some creativity to change and improve the design rather than just copying it, the OSIZR has a complete BOM including even tools, it a good place to look to see what you need to build a complete ITZ robot.

Thanks, I’ll look into the OSIZR BOM, thanks for the link;