Starting a Robotics Club


I am a teacher for an online school and currently have a student to does compete nationally with Robotics but we do not have a robotics club. He is interested in starting one with our school and I would love to help him. I am not technologically inclined to teach anything about robotics but I do want to help him and other students of mine who have a passion for them. My main question is “How do you go about starting a Robotics Club?”


Hey, welcome to vex :slight_smile:

So there have been plenty of articles and documents lately about starting a robotics club in your school. An example of this is here:

This PDF is very recent and contains much of the starting info you will need for you vex team. Basically, you are going to need people (which you apparently have), money and time.

Feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:

If you are interested in starting a VRC team, check out this webpage.

If your students are younger and you are interested in starting a VEX IQ Challenge team, go to this webpage.