Starting a VEX U Team

So I live in the Nebraska/ Iowa Area, and I had this brilliant idea Vex U. But however, I don’t exactly know how to start a team. Could any of you Vex U folks give me some advice on how to start one?

It’s the same as any other team. There are probably no competitions in your area, but you can always qualify through skills for Worlds by submitting scores at a local event.

In short:

  1. Go on robotevents and register a team.
  2. Build your robot and run skills at VRC events and volunteer while you’re there.
  3. Go to WORLDS and have fun!

You may have Engineering organizations on campus that will help with finances. Ask around and see if anyone like ASME could give you money or space to store stuff.

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Try starting with this document on the REC Foundation website. Good luck!

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a VEXU team, UNVLU1. It might be worthwhile to try getting in contact with them


Already have. but thanks for the advice