Starting an "unofficial" VEX IQ Robotics Club for 5th & 6th Graders

I would like to start an “unofficial” VEX IQ Robotics Club for 5th and 6th graders at my school and am trying to figure out the logistics (# of students, hardware needed, training, etc.). I am new to VEX, so I also need to find resources to teach myself how to use the hardware and software. I have the full support of my administrators and PTO to help with funding. Any information, dos/don’ts, recommendations, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated.


You’ll need a Superkit for every 2-3 students, probably want a foundation add-on kit for each team, and maybe a competition add-on for every two teams. Additional parts, like Omni wheels and motors are helpful, at least 2 per team. You’ll also want a field perimeter and game elements set, and of course a computer for each team. I’d recommend joining the VEX World Wide Coaches Association on Facebook, too.


What I do is 3-4 roboteers per robot. A Superkit now since they got rid of the starter kit. Omni wheels (4 per team) and a pack of the chain / sprockets. Every two teams buy a selection of axles upgrades. Every three teams buy the competition upgrade, every 4 buy the foundation add on kit. Computer for every two teams.

Field and field elements and a kitchen stopwatch.

Parent / adult 1 per two teams. (Round up to the nearest whole parent)


Have fun!

You will need a kit for q group of 3-2 or 3-4 students but make only 8 groups or so make a meeting space and spasific days not every single day make sure you have a fun couch or make your self super fun :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::wink: mak sureto have extra supply to but if there is a kid that does not do any thing tell there parents or if they haven’t played yet let them out gentley