Starting Autonomous TT

Can I start my auton on any of the walls that are my color or only walls where the drivers are?

You can only start touching the walls between your large and small zones.

on your alliance station side.

Manual has graphics.


epic graphic

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dont know why you would do this but can you start in a goal zone?

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Starting a Match. Prior to the start of each Match, the Robot must be placed such that it is:
a. Contacting the field perimeter wall on the side that coincides with their Alliance’s Goal Zone and
Alliance Station.
b. Contacting a foam field tile.
c. Not contacting a Tower.
d. Not contacting any Cubes other than the Preload.
e. Contacting a Preload.

  1. The Preload must be contacting exactly one (1) Robot.
  2. The Preload must be fully within the field perimeter.
    f. Not contacting a Goal Zone or a Barrier.
    g. Not contacting another Robot.

2f. clearly states that you cannot contact the goal zone


It says the preload cannot contact the goal zone. Does that apply to the robot as well?

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Yes, it does. They stated that at our competition my school had

Interesting, just need clarification