Starting Bar Length

The length of the Starting Bar is not stated in the Field Appendix, could we get the approximate length so that we can make a field to practice with before we get the field parts in. Thanks in advance.

About 5’7", probably a little shorter to leave room for mounting brackets.

I would guess 5’6" just so they have a pretty number.

If any of the past years have used a tube about that size, it will probably be very similar if not identical. The 20pt zone pipe looks like they could have used the corner posts from Starstruck. I don’t know what all field elements they have released in the past which could be re purposed for this.

The field CAD says for that 10 pt bar:

Wall to wall is 62.993 inches (basically 63)
End of bar to end of bar is 60 inches

The 20 pt bar is identical to the hanging poles from starstruck in length and diameter

can confirm