Starting Caps Scored?

I am really sorry if this has come up in a previous post but I just wanted to clarify something.
As quoted from the game manual Game Definitions- “Points for a Low Scored Cap are awarded to the Alliance color that is facing “up” when the Core half on its opposite side is touching the foam field tiles, white tape lines, or Platform.”
Does this mean that the starting position of the cap (picture attached) does not count as low scored for the blue alliance?
Thank you

Take a look at page 4 of the rulebook. Those are the four caps “that start on Balls in a non-Scored position.”

Thank you very much
Very sorry I must have overlooked that

No problem. Also, there are caps shown tilted in a later diagram (page 14) as scored. As far as I know there is no way the caps can actually rest the way they’re shown as there don’t seem to be balls under them. But it does make it that much more confusing that they look almost the same as the non-Scored caps.