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So I am going private as some of you guys know so I was wondering what I need to do?

I think it costs about $100 to start a new team and have your own team number, and it only takes about 15 minutes. You use your team number to register for the events you want to go to, etc. Buying parts directly from Vex requires setting up a different account, and there are other vendors of Vex parts besides Vex, but as long as you have a credit card, that is easy, too.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is still the procedure for signing up a new team and getting your own team number.

First, go to

Then click on the orange button labelled "Register a Team”

The next page will show “Please log in to use the Team Registration Wizard.”

Click on the link to log in.

On the next page, click on the little box next to “New Customer,” and then click “Create an Account.”

We already have an account, so I’m not sure what page you will see next, but to create a New team with a new number, you will want to click the little circle next to Register a New VEX Team. Use this for NEW team numbers only. Then click Next.

Then you get a page that asks for information, things like your name, address, etc. Make sure it says

Registering a new team for VRC.

Here, you can give your organization a name - almost whatever you want. You can even change this name later on. You do NOT need a sponsor. You do NOT need to be part of a school or anything else.

When you go to enter a team number, you can have Vex assign a totally random number to your team, but I suggest you try entering numbers that you like and see if they have already been taken. Maybe you can think of a lucky number. If a number you try has already been taken, then the system will come back and tell you and you can try again with a different number. When you request a new number, the system asks why - but you can give any reason you want (like: we think this is a lucky number). Vex really does not care.

After you click the Register button, I think they lead you someplace where they charge you about $100. Any additional teams (B, C, D, etc) that you chose to register under your team number will then cost another $50 per team.

I think that’s all there is to it.

Forming a non-profit gets more complex but could be worth it, especially if you are going to seek business sponsors who might donate heaps of money. And to protect everyone involved from lawsuits, etc, it’s probably a good idea to get some insurance for the club.

Here is some more resources along the way:

So I have looked at all of this and I have a website for the team, email, team number some parts so I know I need tons more so lets start a list.

I found two resources for you:

First link (no not first robotics) - this is more about the growth of Vex and how it kicks all other robot competitions butts in terms of size, popularity, and accessibility:

Second, this comes from Kiwibots in New Zealand and lays out what it takes to start a team. Pretty much what you heard already but it gets into what to do to build your robots:

Expect to spend $1500 on robot parts the first year, and about $600 a year thereafter for new and replacement parts per robot. Then add in registration of the team ($75 for the first one) and event costs too (most of our events are $75 and states double that. worlds went up $100 to $850 this year). Spreading the costs over a 4-5 person team helps a lot.

You’re going to need some tools, toolboxes, and a place to build. We use 18" keter ones like this. But you may need something to keep larger tools

Get some more 3/32 and 11/64 hex keys in t-handle varieties. Find any old place.

Get a bench, a hacksaw, and possibly a Dremel and face shield (very important to protect your eyes). Get a plastic folding table to build on and you are about good to go.

You can do this!](

Have you come up with a new team name?

Oak Park is home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and museum. How about “Form Follows Function” as your club name? It certainly is evident in most any Vex robot. (Not many frills on a Vex robot!)

You also have two famous Chicago train lines running through the town. You could have Blue and Green as designated robot colors and team letters.

Or name the robots after Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. T could be Taliesin, F could be Falling Water, G for Guggenheim, R for Robie. Not as cool as superheroes, but a thought.

Or how about pizza. Chicago is famous for deep dish pizza. You could get Lou Malnati’s or Girodano’s as sponsors. Maybe robot names could be based upon the topping?

Those are some very good team names but my group wants to keep our name hydra. The pizza sponsor is a good idea and we could sell piza as a fundraiser.

I have been working on an updated version of my website, but still have a few pages to re-do before I release . Nonetheless, there is some good information on starting a team at.

If you want a look at the newer version

Two good lists

Two very good lists which I just dug up for another thread:

Paul Copioli’s $1500 list
James Pearman’s $1750 list

@Oliver W this was a while ago…