Starting placement

When we place our bots on the field and set up for the match starts as long as your bot is in the 18 inch limit and is touching the starting bar can your bot cross the white line?

The rule does not mention a tape line.

I don’t think it’s physically possible to touch the bar and cross the line.

And also stay within size. Is that distance 18 * sqrt(2) inches or less?

I thought it was less

As long as the robot is folded up into 18" size and is touching the starting bar somehow, it doesn’t matter what else it’s doing.


Thank you all

Is the tape a scoring object, I think not.

So yes you can touch the bar and go past the tape…

Thats not relevant. The post I quoted stated that as long as it for inside the 18" cube
“it doesn’t matter what else it’s doing.”

Which is untrue. Thats the point I made.

maybe I misunderstood your one word answer to “no” which I though applied to the OP question :slight_smile:

Ah, nope. My first answer addressed OPs question.

It looks to be just over 12sqrt(2) inches. So it is possible to go over the tape line.