Starting Position for Tipping Point

During the start of Tipping Point, can we have our robot start anywhere, even at an angle, so long as the robot is touching the back row of grey tiles on our ally side?

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For any question about the legality of something, we must turn to the game manual (or the Official Q&A). As you read the game manual (, keep in mind that the game manual tells you things that you MUST do, and things that you are PROHIBITED from doing. It can’t tell you everything you might do, so if the game manual does not prohibit an action, then it is legal.

In regards to your question, please review SG1 in the game manual. It tells you everything required about starting the match, no more, no less.


Depends on the refs decision at the tournaments but generally it is usually the two mats on each side of your alliance’s platform. You can start anywhere in those mats as long as your robot does not contact anything outside that 3D plane. Like @kmmohn said, refer to the game manual for all the info you need.

yea, unfortunately, there are some referees who like to add their own stuff to the rules, and this year, with no head refereed certification yet, it might happen a bit more. Students who encounter such a referee should be ready to RESPECTFULLY show the head referee the rules in the game manual and ask to clarify (or correct) the ruling. Often it works, if it doesn’t, students should ask their mentor/coach to contact their RSM.


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