Starting Positions?

Hi Everyone,

I have read the rules and I have double checked them but a rule that I can’t seem to find that’s clearly outlined unless I have missed something is where the robots HAVE to start… My understanding is your robot must be TOUCHING the Tile of their alliance’s color but nothing states how much they must be touching by?

Meaning can we have a robot that has the edge of the robots wheel barely touching the tile or does the robot need to have all parts within the perimeter of the tile?

If someone could answer this for me it would be greatly appreciated it’s a question which has been bothering me for quite a while now.

Just the edge of the robot wheel needs to be touching the tile (you can have 1% of your robot within the vertical projection of the tile if you want).

yes, you can even have a WIRE poking out and touching the mat (must be in the 18x18x18 though)

Thank you very much, that was the answer I was looking for :slight_smile:

Is touching defined as over (i.e. vertical projection), or is touching defined as in physical contact with?

A piece of your robot within the 18" cube volume must physically touch the tile.

yes, it could even just barely touch the mat.

Our robot really defines just barely touching the mat with only half a wheel on one of the tab corners and it always passed.