Starting Score of a Match?

5 stars sit in the far scoring zones at the start of a match, does this mean that a match starts with a score of 10-10?

No, because there is also a cube that counts as being in the far zone, and 2 preloads on each side in the far zone, so the game starts 18-18.

Is this the first year that a no show hurts its alliance partner at the beginning of the match? Skyrise was the last time that preloads were mandatory, and a cube on the starting tile was worth 1 point for that alliance. Now a star on the starting tile is 2 points for the other alliance.

Technically those points count against you just as much if it is being held by an inert robot in autonomous. So, not really any more than usual.

Oh that’s right! I totally forgot about the cubes… I feel silly now.

Actually, any scoring object that is supported by a robot is not scored, so the opposing alliance does get an extra point in the case of a no show.

Definition of scored, 2 (from the manual):
The Scoring Object is not touching any Zone and is Supported by a Robot and/or a Scoring Object, it is Scored in the Zone that Robot or Scoring Object is touching.

So, if it’s supported it does count as points for the opposing alliance.

it is scored, if you are lifting, i dont know, there’s no rule for it.

Got it. Thanks. Misread another portion of the rules

My question is how are we going to put pre loads on a robot on the far starting tile if our driver station keeps us from the far starting tile. Are we going to be required to preload only from the close tile?

Lining up a hang is also going to be hard because of where the driver station is located.

You should be able to “pre-load” the stars before the match and then retreat to the driver station to begin. You will only be able to load the Driver Control Load (cube) onto one of the starting tiles, or onto a robot touching a starting tile in the last thirty seconds. If you can toss a cube onto a robot touching the starting tile that isn’t near the Alliance Station, right now you can do that. Just don’t let it fall onto the mat without touching the robot first.

Alliance Station – The designated region where the Drive Team Members must remain during their Match.

Driver Control Loads – The two (2) Cubes, one (1) for each Alliance, that Student Drive Team Members of each Alliance may load onto their Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile or into a Robot touching the Alliance
Station Alliance Starting Tile. The Driver Control Load must be entered into the field with between thirty seconds (0:30) and zero seconds (0:00) remaining in the Match.

I don’t think that’s correct. I think “Alliance Station Alliance Starting Tile” means only the near one.

Edit: spelling lol

Ah, you are correct. I missed the “Alliance Station” part. Thanks.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks that the Alliance Station is poorly positioned in relation to the robots! I am of the opinion that the Alliance Stations should be located directly behind Alliance Starting Tiles, instead of off to the side of the field.

I agree. The current positioning makes hanging very difficult to see and is quite awkward.

Isn’t VEX meant to be about overcoming challenges anyway?

True, but I thought the stars were weird enough for an entire game.

No, people have already basically figured the stars out. In this game, in addition to weird objects, you have to learn a new driving style.

Mystical Pie, the game was just revealed a week ago. I would caution thinking that people have basically figured out the stars. In general, I would propose to continue to prototype and test ideas to find out what systems align best to your team goals. The design process is fluid and will continue over the whole year of playing Starstuck, so try not to close possible design doors so early in the season so as to not of falling behind innovative teams.

I was not suggesting that all designs have been figured out. Obviously as the season progresses , new ideas will come about. I was just saying that at this point, most people are prototyping similar things, and designs that start in the same place, tend o trend toward the same place. Look at NBN, for example, when we got to worlds, all the top teams had a very similar design, though most of them originated from completely different parts of the world. The idea of stars being figured out was to illustrate that convergence has already begun.