Starting to learn ROBOTC

Hello everyone. I am right now coding for our robot but since I really do not have that much backround in programming I am having some trouble. I am getting the hang of it but I still need someone backround. Can someone recommend some courses/books or anything else that will help me learn how to code in ROBOTC?

this is pretty useful, especially the first video
RobotC tutorials
if you have more questions, I’m sure the forum wouldn’t mind helping you out (provided you ask in moderation). Also, feel free to PM me with questions if you wish to do so.

I suggest looking at the individual pieces you are trying to code, it helps a lot!
This is an entire database for all commands, so if you want to find a specific command, its parameters, outputs/effects, etc., then you go here. However, just like others suggested, you should just look at some simple examples and see how all commands, functions, variables, etc are used.

Oh and some really good resources are the tutorials for RobotC for the Cortex on the wiki: