Starting up some VEX IQ teams. I need help.

Hello there! I am a grade 11 high school student in VRC, and I am starting up some VEX IQ teams for middle school students here in Canada. I do not know much about VEX IQ, how it works, and what is required in mentoring a team. Could some members here provide me with some much needed assistance. Thank you!:smiley:

Thank you for providing valuable mentorship to VEX IQ teams. I’m sure our great community will share some helpful advice, but I would also like to point you to the “How to Start and Organize a Team” document on the VEX IQ Teams page. This document and the other resources on the page were designed to help teams get off to a good start. Please share your feedback and any additional questions you may have. Have fun!

Aloha SimonSays,
Awesome Job!! It’s great that you are dedicating your time to help out younger students start up a VEX IQ team. We were teamed up with the PiThons out of Canada at Worlds this year. They were great. If you have any specific questions about starting a team please feel free to email me. I’ll be glad to help.