Starting Vex Edr at School?

Hi @mervegrbz94 Are you using V5 Robots ( or Cortex ( Once you answer that, we can help you get started in the right direction. Thanks,

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They also have a robots build page I buy a new car the website. There they also have a slightly more advanced clawbot, the lift.


:hugs: We have EDR V5 super and competition kits.

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I think where you should look is at the education components that VEX gives away for teachers to use. Most of them have lessons around partial robots. For example the lessons around drive trains has the student putting different gear ratios together to see how they interact. Then putting idler gears in to show how that works.

I’d start there and from that draw out what you need for parts.

Something like this you mean?
Im looking for more kind of a guide, I found one about IQ (I use that too). About structure, coding, physics. The truth is there are a lot of pieces in the set and I dont know the reasons to use them, Im gonna teach my students but for that I need to know first. :slight_smile:


That looks about right. i would run through the lessons first yourself the titles look like good content, dont know if it with V5 or cortex. There is a vex community made site with tips and stuff but i cant remember what it is called.

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here is the community site


Are you competing in competition or just doing stuff at school?

Students and I just started :sweat_smile: so no, we are not gonna be in competition this year, I want them to learn the basics first :slight_smile: Maybe next year,


The best lessons are learned at a tournament. If you can, sign up a couple, have them just build the clawbot or lift, and have them give it a go. They will see a bunch of different builds, take a lot of pictures, and they can figure out for themselves where they can go from there.


Ok, great. Since you are using V5, I’ll point you in a few directions to get started. For you, you can begin using our free V5 Educators Certification Program:

This certification program is designed for teachers, just like you, that are just getting started with VEX Robotics. There are 10 units in the certification course:

  1. Getting Started

  2. Basic Movement

  3. Using the Controller

  4. Manipulators and the V5 Clawbot

  5. Sensors

  6. Programming Structures

  7. Troubleshooting

  8. Hardware Construction Techniques

  9. Using the Vision Sensor (optional)

  10. VEX Robotics Competitions

The certification course is self-paced. The course also tracks your progress, so you can pick up wherever you leave off. And once again, it is free.

The certification course uses the STEM Labs that we have created. You can begin immediately implementing these lessons with your students. They are found at

Please take note of the teacher’s portal when looking at the STEM Labs. There, you will find detailed instructions on what, how and when to teach. I think you’ll find all of the teacher support material valuable as you begin implementing the lessons. Both the STEM Labs and all of the resources in the teacher’s portal are free.

For software, both the STEM Labs and the certification course utilize VEXcode V5 Blocks. VEXcode is also free and you can download it here:

The certification course walks you through how to get started. I would strongly recommend beginning there. It introduces you to the STEM Labs, software, the Knowledge Base, etc.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


thank you so much to everyone who answered :relaxed: @jmckenna I apllied to the course thank you

Great. Here is a KB article if you have any problems logging into the certification site:

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If your not gonna be at competitions then you could create your own little competition and do that

If one of the bands on the claw breaks, can you use regular bands or do you have to buy new ones from the vex website. I am asking about the competitions.

As long as your using the exact same type as that which vex sells

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Yes, and rhey don’t necessarily have to be identical. as long as they are #32 or #64 they are competition legal


Okay, Thanks for the info.

Okay, thanks for the info.

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