State Borders?

What would you guys think are some reasons a team out of state would travel for 4 to 6 & 7 hours to come to a competition in another state?

  1. Their own state doesn’t have enough events and they really want to play.
  2. They want to challenge themselves against good teams in another state.
  3. They want another chance to boost their Robot Skills scores in the world rankings.

NOT: to qualify for a state championship. When you play out of state, you cannot qualify for either your own state championship, or the state championship in which you are playing.

I have not seen such a restriction in the Qualifying Criteria document. The only restriction regarding teams in terms of state/regional championship is this:


Now there may be some other restriction, but I have yet to see it documented in the Event Partner resources.

The VRC qualification doc does include this (emphasis added):

Three Ways to qualify for your State/Regional/Provincial Championship
• All official local tournaments held at least two weeks prior to the State/Regional/Provincial Championship will qualify their top teams for the championship (details on page 2)
• Leagues within the state will qualify their top teams for the State Championship (page 2)
• Top Skills Challenge scores within the state can qualify for the State/Regional/Provincial Championship
• Teams are permitted to attend only one (1) State/Regional/Provincial Championship

They should probably add “you can only attend the championship in the state/region/province where your team is registered” but it is pretty clearly included above. You might ask your RECF regional manager for clarification.

Probably the third one:
3. They want another chance to boost their Robot Skills scores in the world rankings.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t choose to register in a location you compete in rather than a location you live in.

I should probably add that before doing this course of action you should probably reach out to your local recf rep and see if you can work something out. Some states on the west coast are massive and make state championships ill suited for everyone.
Reno Nevada is a few hours from northern California but almost 10 from Las Vegas, where the state championship is held.

A question similar to this was asked in the official Q&A of the VEX IQ Forum, and I would assume the answers would be similar: