State championships

Can a team from another state go to a qualifying event in a neighboring state. And if they win or qualify for that states championship are they able to go or is it teams stay within states. Because or team is from Arizona and we wanna go to events outside of our state like California, New Mexico, and Nevada. We have three teams this year and wanna get all the experience we can get and if we get some hardware that’s cool too.

You can only attend your team’s home state championship for Arizona. If you go to competitions out of state (i.e. CA, NM, NV), they don’t qualify for your home state championship. If you win an qualifying award for another state championship, you are not allowed to attend. You can compete in your skills leaderboard, though. You do not need to be in your home state to post scores to the leaderboard.

Hope this helps!

Thank you yes that helps a lot, so if you put up like a high score at a non home state qualifying event can you qualify for worlds or would you need to get that score at your home states championship.

Nope, season-long skills leaderboards do not care where you did your skills run. The Top 30 in skills can complete their runs anywhere. The top skills rankings in your state can complete the runs anywhere as well.