State Qualification issues?

We live in Tennessee and after looking at the RobotEvents page for the state HS competition we noticed that there are 17 open spots left with only three qualifying tournaments left. Do the rest of the spots get filled from the state skills leader board or are there other ways that Vex fills the spots. We are trying to get to States this year and would really appreciate any imformation anyone has.

-Hayden 24816M

Yes, extra spots will be filled from the statewide skills rankings. Full details are in the qualifying criteria document. This calculation will be done, and invites from skills rankings extended, after all qualifying events have happened.


Ok, thank you. We have looked at the leader board and allmost all of the top 15 are already qualified for state, so it will go down the list and basically add those spots to how many spots are left needed to be filled?

Yes, if there are n open spots after all qualifying events have happened, the top n unqualified teams from the statewide skills rankings will be extended invitations.


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