State qualification loophole/clarification

So, if my team traveled to a different state and won a competition, would we gain state qualification for our home state, or would we only be eligible for the state championship of the state we qualified in

For example: If my home state is California, but we won a tournament in Arizona, would we be qualified for California state championships or Arizona state championships?

Neither – teams from California can’t qualify for any other state’s state championship, and you can only qualify for the California state championships from a qualifying event in California.

Full details in this PDF:


What @holbrook said!

However, your skills ranking at that event carries to global skills ranking which might benefit your team advancing to Worlds. Teams have been know to travel out of their competition region (as defined by where they are registered for the season) for a number of reasons. Some to advance, and sometimes just to have fun and hone their skills.


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