State Qualification

We are from the state of Nebraska and are in the high school devision. Currently there are 15 teams out of 54 teams qualified for the Nebraska state tournament. Also there are only two more Nebraska tournaments that will qualify you and the rest will come from skills. The highest driver skills is 35 and highest autonomous skills is 11. Should our focus be more on autonomous or driver skills to qualify us? Also how do pick from skills to fill the extra spots at the state tournament? Currently our autonomous scores 9! And our driver should be able to do 24 points! Thanks for all the help!

If you can do 9 in autonomous, that means you’ve got 45 seconds left to score 2 more points to match what you say is your state’s present programming skills max. It seems to me that even if you just drive into the field and push some cubes toward a scoring zone, you could manage 2 more points.

Kids tend to avoid programming for some reason, so I suggest you go for the programming skills since you’re so close anyway.

That’s what we were thinking maybe using line trackers to obtain cubes and put them on our tile. Do happen to know how they pick the teams its is all from driver or autonomous ous skills or half from each?

I’m not sure this is the right document, but maybe have a look at this:

I would focus on driver skills. Driver skills will help you AT your State championship and beyond in qualification and elimination rounds. If your robot is just average during drivers period your season will be over in competition.

They fill the rest of the spots by skills alternating between driver and programming by highest score.

I would actually purpose you do programming skills instead for two reasons.

The first reason is that programming skills takes priority when they give out qualifications. For instance, our state competition only has six slots for worlds. This situation makes it so that the highest programming skills team will qualify for worlds and the highest robot skills team will not.

The second reason it’s that there is less competition in programming skills. Anyone can walk up and do robot skills, but it takes some planning to make a good programming skills score.

Actually, if you can score 9 in a 15-second autonomous run you should be able to score 12 in programming skills because you get points for the preloads on all the other tiles.

It’s possible that BotZillas meant that their current programming skills score is 9.

+1 to this!

You can see it easily now on the robotevents sites where each area has its own breakdown.

Let’s look at someplace neutral in the discussion like New Zealand.

They have 24 teams posted in drivers skills, but only 8 in programming skills…


It shows up the same way region after region. And once you filter out those who have already qualified and signed up for your region/state tourney, the list gets really small really quickly.]( )