State Qualifications

So I’m really confused but excited. Our team got really unlucky this year and was close but not quite to getting entered to state multiple times. We thought we were done for the season but I just received and email saying I was “invited to register for state” this year. Anyone know what got my team the qualification? We were first ranked at city and went to the finals at beech grove so I think it might be that but I do not know for sure.

In most tournaments, making it to the finals will qualify you to your state competition.

Good luck at state :slight_smile:

cool thanks!

I think it might be your skills score that qualified you for states. There seem to be a bunch of spots left over for Indiana states. Your score was probably one of the highest of the nonqualified teams. Rankings (I didn’t go through and look though).
Usually, strong teams qualify several times, which leaves several spots left for states (looks like Indiana’s hosting a 60 team competition!). Those are allocated to the highest skills scores.

Can’t say for sure. It helps digging these things down if you put your locale in your profile. Luckily it is in your team name.

You were #26 in Indiana in Robot Skills but did not do a programming skills run at all this season it seems. So rule #2 in our club is - do a programming skills run to get a states birth!

This shows you got to the finals of the Beech Grove event. That can qualify teams depending upon the state as well.