State Qualifying Criteria

Hi all,

I am from ATOM 243A, the driver coach.
Yesterday my driver and I attended the Wahluke Junior High competition in Mattawa, and we were ruled out at SemiFinals, dropping us at about 4th or 5th rank.
We failed to receive the direct state qualifying Excellence Award, but we did receive the Special Design Award, which is basically, in my opinion, everything in the Excellence Award except for the required high rank.

I have been conducting furious research since last night, but I can still not be sure whether or not this award brings us into the State Championship.

Answering this question would bring a lot of relief to our entire team…so thanks all! I know this is probably in some PDF somewhere, but I cannot view PDFs on this ancient but lovable laptop and the PDFs are also typically very vague regardless.

Thanks to you all!

-243A ATOM Driver Coach

Based upon the competition’s robot events page (seen here)

By winning the Design Award at this competition, you have qualified for these competitions:

Eastern Washington High School VRC Championship
Washington Middle School VRC State Championship
Western Washington High School VRC Championship

Hope this helps

The criteria for qualification can be found here.

This contains information on State and World Championship qualifying criteria.

Thank you guys! I just am not sure as to whether or not those competitions are the legitimate state-to-world qualifying championships…?

I saw that page–The VRCs…are they the “real” state champs?

and also, the CREATE competition that the tournament champions and excellence award receivers get to go to…is that the Worlds competition?!

-Confused :stuck_out_tongue:

The CREATE US Open is not the Worlds competition.

Since there appears to be 46 teams that attended your competition, it qualified 5 teams to your State Championships.:slight_smile:
Excellence-1 team
Tournament Champions-3 teams
Design-1 team (YOUR TEAM):smiley:

Your team has qualified for your Middle school State championship. Link:
Your state will send 3 Middle school teams to Worlds. Be on of the these 3 teams and you will advance to Worlds.
Excellence-1 team
Tournament Champions-2 teams
(Just as a side note you may choose to compete in the High school division if you wish to. Middle school (junior high) are permitted to compete “up” a division if they choose to.

The US Open is a completely different tournament held in Iowa in April.

Hope this helps. And good luck @ state!

Yes, the Western Washington High School VRC tournament hosted at Cavelero Mid-High is a world’s qualifying event. Cav hosts the tournament on 3/7/15.

The event partner has not finished uploading his results yet. When they are done, you will receive an invitation to register for the Western Washington VRC State Championship. Don’t worry – you are in.

Thanks to all of you…We now officially know that we’re going to State! WHOO!

The reason I was so confused was mainly because of the actual size of the trophy…you see, when we were sitting at the Awards Ceremony, we could see that there were 4 large trophies: 3 Tournament Champions, and 1 Excellence. This led us to believe that there were only 4 qualifying teams, and that our smaller size trophies (which were grouped with awards that CANNOT advance such as the “teamwork” or something) failed to lead us to a higher competition. But the, after checking the website, we received mixed information, especially from the tournament supervisors. I quote, he said, “only the 3 competition winners and the excellence award will get you into State.” :smiley:

Also, another question from yours truly. The other half of my team, 243X, was the tournament finalist that was beat out by the champion. They also received the acceptance email to State. Now I’m even more confused. Does tourney finalist count for something, too?:confused:

But thanks so much, everyone! I can always count on you all!
-243A Driver Coach

Size matters not…


P.S. It would likely also qualify you for “A” Division at the Pacific Northwest Regional Championships. (Which, for some reason, doesn’t seem to be appearing on RobotEvents just yet. Hmmm…)

Apparently the teams that won Tournament champions and the Excellence winners had already qualified(probably at a prior event) for your State championship…so the spots are awarded to the next highest teams…finalist, skills, etc… It gets confusing.:confused::wink:

Just enjoy your qualification to state championship.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Thanks Legend. My team got the notification emails last night. Another weight off our shoulders!:stuck_out_tongue:
-243A Driver Coach