States but not Worlds!

Who made it to States but not Worlds?

A lot of people do make it to state and not worlds. For example if you have a bad day and forget to plug in your power expander in the finals and then plug it in and get disqualified.

Hopefully that’s not us; we will find out on Saturday. Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about a power expander because we don’t use one. We’re going to the California States in Pasadena on Saturday, and if all goes well, we will qualify for Worlds.

If you plugged it in in Driver Control and your robot had not yet moved, you should not have been disqualified.

Geberally, ten percent of regionals qualifiers in our region qualify for worlds, so ten times as many qualify for regionals.

When I unplugged it it moved the flywheel a 1/4 of a rotation so the deemed that it moved and when I plugged it back in it was match affecting and I got disqualified. It sucked but I am still coming to worlds because it is only a four hour drive.

All six of our teams (5 edr and 1 iq) played in states…two made it to finals and missed worlds by 12 points… but several of our students will be at worlds anyway, because it’s awesome to see and they always need volunteers…

I don’t think that actually counted as having moved. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m fairly sure that it must actually change position on the fields. Additionally, I wouldn’t consider that to be egregious, but perhaps that judges may have ruled it that way because to them, having a 2 v 2 match is altering the previously unaltered 2 v 1 game. Just my two cents.

All 6 of our MS teams made it to regionals. 5 Made it into QF, 2 made in SF, 1 got to Finals and lost. That same team had a top 10 entry in an online challenge but didn’t win. Another of the 5 that made it into elimination had the highest programming skills score, but there were no double qualifiers for Worlds from the Heartland Region, so they didn’t get an invite either. We went home from Regionals with 5 trophies but no invite to Worlds. Maybe next year.

I made it to states only through design awards. I didn’t have the best robot (we were slow and couldn’t fire fast) but we had a decent one that got us to 6th in the state. We might have been able to take down the 1st seed alliance had our alliance partner (the better all around robot that had had a bad day) not broken down. They lost a motor on their base right before semis, and then the tamiya connectors frayed internally so the power expander was dead the whole match. I managed maybe 140 points by myself from loads, but it was a slaughterhouse. My school has 4 teams attending worlds though.

We got to QFs in state, but then were completely defeated by the first seed. I would blame it on our broken drive and launcher motors, but they had all around better robots.

We got to QFs in state as the eighth alliance’s 1st pick, and was crushed by the first seed (we did win one game, but we were crushed in the other two). We tied a game during the day with @ThunderRobotics. If we had won it, we would have been the eighth alliance captain. If we had lost it, we would have been the third pick of the second alliance, who won the championship.

That was the match our drive just started giving out unexpectedly, I was very mad after that match too because we would have been ranked much higher than we were if we won

We find out on Saturday if we get to worlds when we compete, but so far we have qualified three times over with two excellence awards and a tournament champions :wink:

Every tournament that I’ve gone to, if anything at all moves on the robot it counts as having moved. We took 10 minutes at a tournament once because we were confused when a judge told one of our teams they couldn’t touch their robot because it moved during auto. We were under the impression that it had to move from the starting square. Turns out, we were wrong.

Quoting you on this. But in seriousness, if the flywheel is affected by plugging in the power expander, that does not warrant a DQ in my opinion since the robot didn’t move prior to the human interaction. If the base moved an inch and you tried to plug in a power expander, by rule I assume that would be a DQ.

If that was the case, then I agree. I thought they meant that it moved 1/4 a rotation before the human interaction.

Yeah, unfortunately, parts of the robot still move even when the power expander battery isn’t connected well.* We were basically ‘powerless’ during an eliminations match because the power expander battery connection wasn’t secure, but half our flywheel still moved during autonomous :confused:

*If you were to use the power expander status port, I suppose you could check to make sure the battery is connected in your autonomous code and not run autonomous if the battery isn’t in. That way you could plug the battery in at the start of driver control and not lose the entire match.

i missed a state spot by 10 points, i could have made it though programming skills but since we only got 2 runs, the first one didnt back up all the way and the second one with my shooter getting stuck, but i was so close, and will not let this happen again next year for my senior year, but im going to worlds with a team from my school who made it.

3921A made it to state, but they did not make it to World with our other 2 teams :frowning: