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Hello! Our team won a regional competition in FL today, and wanted to know about states qualification. I know that there is a link here → Link that talks about winning and stuff, but it never mentions district competitions because it refers to states as “regionals”. But the question I am having is about if winning a regional competition so early in the season would somehow qualify for states. Also we won the Notebook award and don’t know if that helps either because its still so early in the season. Thanks for all of your help, if there is like a link or something for qualifications, that would help as well.


Your event listing on should list what awards will advance your team to State/Regional Championships. This would have been also announced at the Drivers meeting. You can email your RECF Team Engagement Manager, or the Event Partner for clarification.

and Welcome to VEXforum and congrats on your achievements.


Interesting – I would certainly not announce this sort of thing during the drivers’ meeting, and when someone asks me at an event which awards will qualify to states, my answer is generally “I don’t know, that’s for RECF to decide”.

Even if I think I know which awards will advance (which is not always the case), I wouldn’t want to give a team false hope by getting it wrong, and if the event is early in the season, the number of qualifying spots may not have been determined yet.

But if the award is listed as qualifying for states on RobotEvents, that is a strong indicator.


Qualify the statement with “if known”…

In past have not had a problem with announcing what advances a team. Usually (pre-pandemic) we know how many teams are going to show up. Championships, there is no issue announcing what will advance teams to Worlds. It is published. One year, we were allocated an additional spot, and we announced it at the event.

This year is a little weird - trying to get back “normal”.

Weird unknowns are insufficient # teams at blended events in an age group. For example, only 7 MS teams when 10 are needed to issue an Excellence Award. Typically, you know this information the morning of events.

Routine small events that advance four teams is pretty straight forward and little risk.


Hey, uh silly question, but what is RECF?

I’m pretty sure the announcer said that since we do not know where Regionals is being held, spots for have not be dished out. Usually at a tournament of that size, both of your awards would qualify your team to our regional competition. When spots do get awarded and sent out, your team contact will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your spot and register.


So its more or less, a just wait and see?
But I get what your saying, probably wait a little later in the season for qualifications for states.

Yep, at this point it is a wait and see because we do not know where it is being held. Once we know, it will get posted to robotevents and the spots will start to be dished out.

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Thanks so much! Good luck in the competition.

RECF is the “Robotics Education and Competition Foundation” which is the nonprofit organization that runs the VEX competitions.


Thanks, this helps a lot

Congratulations on winning the tournament and the Design Award! I always enjoy seeing teams reach their new peak of success, especially if it involves winning a tournament! (Or an Excellence/Design Award, especially in regions where I’ve judged notebooks before.)

Also I think sometimes people have referred to local/district tournaments as “regional” since they include teams from a certain region (often defined more by proximity than by state borders), even though regional can also refer (for the same reason) to the state-level championship for a state divided into multiple regions (or multiple states/parts of states combined into one region, like Delmarva), and “Regional” is also usually included in the event name in the Regional Championships that qualify for Worlds.

I usually use “local” for regular events and “States/Regionals” or capitalize “Regional Championship” when referring to events equivalent to a state championship (and for Florida I usually just say States since that’s what I’m used to and it’s still part of a state).